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We've recently begun to produce some products in PDF (portable document format) format. These are electronic rulebooks that can be read using the *free* Adobe Acrobat Reader available from the Adobe website. Click Here to go there and download it -- FREE!

These products are electronic format only, and are not available at this price in a hardcopy edition (we have made hardcopy editions of "All-Purpose Miniatures Rules" & "Critter Commandos" which are available elsewhere on this site). You can purchase these items from RPGNOW.COM, and they can arrange for you to download it within a few minutes of purchase. A link to each of the pages on that site have been included here for your convenience.

We do not normally sell PDFs direct, as we do not have an automatic server for that purpose.

Miniatures Rules

The Christmas Wars

20 Pages of rules, plus stat cards, cardstock heroes, and a fold-up "Santa's Workshop!"

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Big Damn Armies

Big Damn Armies: Fantasy Mass Combat for the Economically Challenged. This is a completely revised edition of the best value ever in miniatures gaming. Includes more than 400 troops for more than a dozen troop types. Fast-to-learn and easy-to-play make this a great way to start new players into miniatures games. The playing pieces themselves include all of the important info for those troopers, reducing the amount of things you need to look up while playing. And since you can run out as many troops as you want, wars with thousands of troops are within your grasp. We've also added in the two bonus troops we used to have as a preview for the first edition! Truly a great deal!

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Big Damn Robots

Finally, available again! Big Damn Robots is the fast and furious Big Damn game of giant robot combat at the micro-price! Rules are quick and easy to learn, and the carnage is unbelievable! Includes a 28 page rulebook, Big Damn Robot Control Sheet, 2 pages of fold-up robots, and even rulers! Never before have players been offered so much for so little! (Each of the Big Damn games has a different game system, but all are designed for high body count and low rules count.)

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Critter Commandos

Cartoon Critter Combat. Great for fans of miniatures rules young and old! All-new format and the same great rules. Expanded to include additional examples and a basic game for younger players. Lavishly illustrated with incredible line art from some of the best artists as well as photos of the extensive figure line. A fun and exciting game for kids and adults alike. Includes additional units and a campaign system. Extensive background material on the Critter Universe! We've also included 2 sheets of counters, a sheet of blast templates, and an Internet coupon for a deal on miniatures. Features amazing cover art by Brian Burke of the Brothers Grinn.

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die! Die! DIE!

A boardgame of mass destruction and mindless warfare! 2-4 players, includes hex tiles to build a new board each game, counters, and a color cover.

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Twas The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas,
and all through the store,
everyone was shopping,
even the poor.
With the merchants all worried,
and too much stuff left behind,
the shoppers were frenzied,
like they'd lost their mind.

A fast paced and simple card game for 2-4 players. Rush to the stores the day after Christmas and get rid of all the stuff you didn't want. At the same time, try and find all the bargains you can before the stores run out. The one who spends the most money wins! A great game to share with your family, even if they don't understand all those multi-sided dice. And at a buck and a half, how can you possibly go wrong?

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Big Time Professional Rasslin

A classic minigame from the minds at Team Frog Studios! Big Time Professional Rasslin is a fast-paced wrestling game for 2 or more players. Includes details on THREE wrestling leagues (including one that is just a touch bizarre), plus foldups for rasslers and even a fold-up STEEL CAGE for your Deathmatch! Game Design by Origins Award Winning Game Designer Paul Arden Lidberg. This edition features a fine cover by John Kovalic, and interiors by Jim Groat and Ian Ferretto.

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Role Playing

Black Powder Gods: Behind Enemy Lines

"Black Powder Gods: Behind Enemy Lines," an adventure for d20, presents a world where religion and politics mix - with explosive results! The players are recruited to go deep into enemy territory, far away from any possible support, to bring out crucial information that could turn the tide of the war. Can they survive the trek? Or will the dwarves and their evil Black Powder God Madinor take another offering back with him to hell...only the DM knows for sure! Written by Jon Seavey, developed by Pyrrhic Victory Productions, and made available by Team Frog Studios. This is the first in a series of products set in an explosive and changing landscape of a fantasy world in all out war. BPG: BEL is a 30 page book for characters 5th to 10th level.

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