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You've found our home on the web. We're the publishers of Critter Commandos, Vampire Hunter$, $TAR CORP$, UNSanctioned, Super-Powered Miniatures Combat, Hidden Invasion and lots more!

We also produce the miniatures for Critter Commandos, Vampire Hunter$, Living Legends (formerly produced for Villains & Vigilantes), $TAR CORP$, the infamous Sock Puppets, and a lot more!

Soon this will all look a lot more exciting, but until then, you'll have to be satisfied with our new WEBSTORE!


Come by and say "Hi!" if you'll be at Texicon in Grapevine, TX this weekend, June 27 thru 29, at the Grapevine Convention Center.

The SuperFogeys are almost here!

Well, actually they are here...and they aren't...:D The figures are here, and the book is coming.

SF Figs

Zombie Stomp 2.0 is almost here, too!

More on that as soon as I can!

(For those that may have come into this movie halfway through, Zombie Stomp 1.0 was the Vampire Hunter$ RPG supplement we did a few years ago that inspired the Kickstarter we ran for ZS 2.0, which is a stand-alone miniatures combat game.)

And then the $TAR CORP$ will Arrive!

(c)2014 Paul Arden Lidberg / Team Frog Studios.